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Dutchman the first man to swim Cham Island Channel

Dutchman the first man to swim Cham Island Channel

Rudy van Bork, a Dutchman,  has become the first man to ever swim the full length of Vietnam’s Cham Island Channel, swimming the 25km stretch in just six hours and seven minutes.

Van Bork is actually the second person to accomplish the channel swim, as Akkiko Izawa, a female swimmer from Japan, was the first to ever complete the task in six hours and a half in 2002. He swam from Cham island to the old town of Hoi An’s Cua Dai Beach on April 28 as part of the 5 th Cham Island Channel Swim, an annual international competition sponsored by the Hoi An Town Sports and Culture Centre.

The Dutch swimmer competed with ten Japanese and two Vietnamese rivals who were joined by about 20 volunteers on boats, kayaks and speedboats to ensure safety.

“It was a great race,” said Van Bork. “It is strange to swim in a direction with only seawater on the horizon. After several hours I start seeing some land and structures. Then I knew I could finish the adventure.”
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