Vietnam Ultra Running

128KM Vung to Saigon Ultra Marathon

Some people call us heroes, others an inspiration to others and some people simply call us crazy !

What is this all about?

To run from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to the beautiful beach place Vung Tau in one day. The distance is approx 128km, there are slopes and it will be hot.

This event is still tentative and depends on the number of runners that love to push their limits and are physically fit enough. A relay-run may be considered if enough people are interested.

• A 128km solo run from Ho Chi Minh City to Ba Ria – Vung Tau; to be done in one day time.

This is for runners that have been training seriously for a long time, know their limits and love to push that limit


Too many people in Ho Chi Minh City use their motorbike to drive just 100 meters and haven’t cycled even a single meter for many years. There was a time that this was different…..

When I first visited beautiful Vietnam in 1992, Ho Chi Minh City was a lot greener, there were hardly any cars, far less motorbikes and most people enjoyed riding their bikes. 1992 was also the first time I visited Vung Tau.

This year I will be 20 years in Vietnam. I’ve seen great improvements over the years. One of the biggest improvements has nothing to do with actual development but deals with health awareness improvements, especially over the last 4 years. Finally more people (re)discover that physical exercise is fun and healthy.

Over the last 4 years more people started to cycle, quality bicycle shops enter the city and people, young and old, enjoy running. There are various groups like , SRC and Vietrunners that organize weekly events in their own style and have an increasing number of members (and member of one club enjoy and are welcomes by other clubs as they all ).

Everybody can be a runner and people can push their limits if they focus. Focus in sports helps to focus in daily life. Some of the member of were not able to run 2.5km 1.5 years ago but some of them have now completed their first half marathon, their first full trail marathon (thanks Vietrunners!) and are preparing for the Danang Full Marathon (thank pulse!) and the Sapa 70km mountain marathon.

In February 2016 I will turn 45 years young. A person is never too old to do some crazy stuff so it is time to push that button a bit harder. This is not a 1, 2 or 3 days run but a ONE DAY run. At this moment there is no official organization supporting the run but if we have enough people interest to join, we hope to turn this into a formal event, supported by sponsors and event development companies, the media and also use this to raise funds for charities and create awareness of the run sport in Vietnam.

The first people asked to join this event first got big eyes but……….have indicated that they are IN if the event goes ahead